Bring Back the Noise

October 12, 2006 - 8:13 PM by

In a post about “memories of Sukkot-holidays past,” StillRuleAll touches on one of the more annoying aspects of the holiday, for those of us who go to sleep early: The noise from the many festive parties in people’s sukkahs, some of which run well into the night. StillRuleAll was part of the party in Bet Shemesh, where Americans flock every Sukkot for the annual music concert there, but got his own back soon enough:

We went to the Bet Shemesh concert tonight. It was fun, although definitely a different feeling then when I went there drunk as a single guy. I called a friend of mine who lives in Bet Shemesh and he met me there. He lives opposite the field where the concert was, and I laughed as he told me how every year all the Americans pile into their area and blast music until late. All the neighbors are Israeli, and he only came to the concert to meet me. I laughed at him some more and reminded him that not only does he have to deal with the noise, but his tax dollars help pay for it. Then I went home, and Mercaz HaRav is having a simchat Bet Hashuava, with music blaring into our house from across the street. It’s around 12:30 AM, and they have cut to quieter songs, but we still feel it.


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