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April 11, 2007 - 2:00 PM by

We blogged about MidEast Piece a few months ago and here they are on the “cover” of YNet.

Two American Jews living in Israel launch gay blog in mission to unite Jewish and Arab gay men who believe in peace…goes the headline. Except one of them isn’t really Jewish but who cares, hmmmm?

“We see our blog as serving an educational and inspirational function in a region where homosexuality is generally taboo,” said John Leonard, a North Carolina native currently living in Tel Aviv.

“We’re engaging gay Jews and Arabs in open dialogue about their lives and the similar struggles they face. There is no other blog doing this work and certainly few gay blogs of any nature with the kind of diverse, frequently updated content we offer.”

This is true. At least as far as I can tell. Nice one, J & M.


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  1. John on Wed, Apr 11th 2007 3:41 PM
  2. Thanks!

  3. mohamad on Mon, Dec 29th 2008 1:21 PM
  4. im lebanese, living in beirut..its a shame whats happening rigt now in palastine, a constant sickening war that is driven by instinct and hatred from both sides, and i ask, were’s the logic in that?…i have so much to say, a wall and a border separates us, but we gay people have the same spirit and essence, we wouldt like to be judged and we fight to prove that we are the best artists the best schientists, doctors, actors…and we would deffinately be the best politicians,,,taking no ones side, and using the power of the word, the power of communication

  5. Aron on Sat, Apr 18th 2009 1:23 AM
  6. Peace comes from with in. My Muslim boyfriend is one of the most tolerant people I have ever met, and has such devout passion for not only his faith but for all those in the world. It is nice he accepts me as the agnostic/pagan I am and I love to learn from him.

  7. sami on Mon, Jul 27th 2009 5:59 PM
  8. woooooooooooooooow

  9. renê on Fri, Sep 24th 2010 10:28 PM
  10. is very good. Because the arab countries, need to change.

  11. Marty on Mon, Nov 15th 2010 5:40 AM
  12. The two Islamic lovers I had many years ago were the most beautiful, kind, sensitive, open and loving of all my men. Thank you, wherever you are.

  13. me. on Sun, Feb 27th 2011 1:15 AM
  14. Haha that image is taken from a Madonna concert.

  15. MeroZak on Sun, May 29th 2011 12:10 AM
  16. probably peace will lead the world if gay government took the chance to lead both of the nations… jews and arabs.

  17. Raffaella on Fri, Jun 10th 2011 9:45 PM
  18. Mihran Kirakosian is not Jewish, he’s Armenian {and not gay)

  19. Sean on Wed, Aug 31st 2011 7:35 AM
  20. This kind of thing is one of the reasons why i always wear a elastic rainbow bracelet that sais “report homophibic violence, period”. People like them are an inspiration to people in places with nignificantly less life threatening consequences of comming out ,to wear them always to help send waves of posative messages outward into the world. Its the least we can do to remember our brothers and sisters living in regions that are a lot further from ‘tollerating’ let alone accepting any man’s or woman’s homosexuality, in their society that is descovered to be gay, and to be thankful for what we do have. My thoughts and prayers especially out to those who are being the change that they wan’t to see in the world, working together as leaders to connected all the different “types” out there just like colors are sown together to form a rainbow flag. Peace and love everyone (^_^)

  21. Alex on Thu, Sep 8th 2011 9:41 PM
  22. This is amazing! I am a gay man myself. I am also an executive officer for a pro-Palestinian group at my university. Although we mainly focus on human rights for Palestinians, we also strive to promote peace in all of the Middle East and the world. It is interesting to see the ties between gays and Palestinians. Both want rights. In fact, my group is cosponsoring a film this year with the LGBTQ group on campus. Things like this make me very optimistic for the world.

  23. Sara on Tue, Oct 4th 2011 7:59 AM
  24. That’s just gross,

  25. Stevanos on Wed, Jan 18th 2012 6:51 PM
  26. I find this image a powerful example of two people trying to encourage and enlighten our World’s constant intollerance and hatred. This image is not about sex – unless that is the limited way you view it. I ask: “who cares if one of them is not Jewish, nor even Gay?” Tollerance and acceptance is the point here. If we, as a planet full of diverse cultures, fail to see this, then we will never develop further. That would be a very sad state for our children, and future generations to come.

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