Weird Wednesday

June 4, 2008 - 5:19 PM by

Cat poop is always a popular subject among those who co-habit with felines. Notice that I didn’t say “cat owners”. Also, that I didn’t say “poop-ular”.

I don’t own a cat myself but some of my best friends do, so I’ve learned from observation that no one can truly own a cat. One does, however, have to clean up after them, otherwise they get mad and start wreaking vengeance, havoc, and just plain reeking.

A new ISRAEL21c story profiles an Israeli company that’s developed a new cat toilet, the CatGenie, which is tailor-made for the finicky feline. It’s also good for the environment and the health of both cats and their humans. Definitely worth a read — and the corporate video is well-nigh priceless.

By the way, if you don’t take clean and feed your cat properly, you could end up with “cattle”. That’s what my sister used to call the matted, obese creatures that lived with her roommate. Eventually, they became the subject of a documentary film called “Unclipped”. Enjoy.


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