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Even though we live in the land-locked Jerusalem area, my family’s hearts are loyal to the sea. So whenever we get the chance, we beeline an hour toward the coast to one of our favorite beaches, Hof Ha-Tzuk Hatsfoni (Northern Tzuk Beach), right near the Herzliya Country Club, and just south of the Herzliya marina.

My friend Eliot first told me about this unassuming, uncommercialized beach, and we’ve been hooked ever since. Clean, great facilities, inexpensive entrance fee, and often featuring amazing waves, Hof Zuk presents the Mediterranean at its finest.


On Friday, when we arrived, I ran directly into the surf with my seven-year-old sun Matan. Enticed by the  breaking waves, I immediately decided to try my hand at some body surfing, a specialty I picked up from my days at Old Orchard Beach in Maine.

Either I forgot that I was still wearing my prescription sunglasses, or more likely, I thought that there was nothing to worry about and they would stay put on my face,  and I dove into the first crashing wave I could find. And of course, when I got up from the decent ride it took me on, my glasses were no longer on my face.


Panicked, I search around where I was standing, but without my glasses, I really couldn’t see anything inside the water. I called out to Matan, who called to my wife and my other kids. And after explaining what happened to the group of  bather around me, they eagerly offered to  to help. But there were no black sunglasses floating around, or on the bottom of the knee-deep water where I thought they had fallen.

I walked straight toward shore, hoping that the tide had pushed them in, but they were nowhere to be found, nor had anyone turned them in to the lifeguard.

I walked back out into the water, but my orientation was  getting skewed, and I wasn’t sure exactly where I had finished my surf ride.
Meanwhile, in a show of  Israeli gung ho support, my small support crew had voluntarily turned into about 25 people, and  we all scoured the waters and sea floor to no avail. After about 20 minutes, people began drifting off, and I too decided to give it 5 more minutes and then head back to the surf.

Kicking myself in the head for being so stupid to go into the water with prescription sunglasses, I walked around in gradually enlarged circles, kicking my toes into the ocean floor. Suddenly, when I was about to give up, my big toe felt a stick emerging from the sand. Just as I was about to bend down to pick it up, a wave came and forced me off my position.

 I poked around some more and found the stick again, bent down and picked it up, and discovered it was an eyeglass arm – and attached to it was the rest of my glasses! I felt like had found a treasure at the bottom of the sea, and I had. Fixing the slightly crooked arm, and placing the glasses on my face, 20/20 vision never looked so good.

Finally ready to surf some more, I ran back out into the deep water. But first, I went to shore and deposited the glasses with my wife


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