Fancy shmancy donuts from Roladin

December 18, 2008 - 11:30 AM by

Traditional SufganyaChanuka. Time for presents, lighting candles and of course the ubiquitous sufganiya – Israel’s answer to the jelly donut. For years the only sufganiyot available were disgustingly delicious with their oil soaked dough and semi-vile jelly filling. Granted there is a novelty to eating this traditional classic donut and starting about a month a half before Chanuka they are available everywhere. So if the urge hits, satiation is immediate.

Roladin, Israel’s chain of “upscale” bakeries take the donut to a totally new level. They pride themselves on offering lower calorie (though not low calorie, and they are still fried but are about 1/3 smaller than the average donut) sufganiyot with unique and high quality fillings.

Delicious.This year is no different. Their offerings include a sufganya filled with a halva white chocolate ganache with white chocolate frosting and candied pecans. Ate it. Was amazing. And the other really unique one is clearly marketed at adults. It’s filled with white chocolate ganache that is mixed with arak with white Belgium chocolate frosting. They of course offer the standard jelly-filled as well but with a high quality fruit filling that has no additional sugar.

Photo of classic sufganya courtesy of SavtaDotty from Flickr under a Creative Commons license. Photo of fancy donut courtesy of Roladin


3 Comments on Fancy shmancy donuts from Roladin

  1. Karin Kloosterman on Thu, Dec 18th 2008 3:53 PM
  2. Yes they are fancy –– and also shmancy, but the taste is limited. I think Roladin doughnuts look better than they taste. Give me a hot-from-the-oven run of the mill sufganyot any day.
    - Karin

  3. Harry on Mon, Dec 22nd 2008 8:06 AM
  4. I disagree Karin. I found Roladin donuts to be nice and fluffy and not too dense. The fillings were incredibly tasty too but the amount squeezed in was not too generous.

    [...] never been a great fan of the donut – except the small ones filled with chocolate and cream that Roladin creates – even the greatest lovers of these calorie-laden balls would find it hard to eat a donut [...]

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