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January 16, 2009 - 1:13 PM by

Steve Leibowitz and Leah ZinderEarlier this week, the relatively new free daily nationalist tabloid Yisrael Hayom (Hebrew-only informational website viewable here) reported that mainstream Israeli news websites have been experiencing around a 30% spike in traffic since the start of the current Gaza conflict – hardly a surprise, and hardly a trend relegated to the video-heavy, Hebrew-language outlets cited in their stats.

With the thirst for Zionist-friendly war-related information peaking even among English speakers, the Israel Broadcasting Authority has been wise to initiate the launch of a new English news program called Close Up. Airing Wednesdays at 5:25 PM on the IBA’s Channel 33, the live in-depth weekly analysis magazine Close Up premiered this week with a half hour’s worth of content headed by IBA talking heads Steve Leibowitz and Leah Zinder.

The program joins the growing stable of English-language IBA news reports, which includes the ten-minute weekday News Bulletin and the 20-minute daily IBA News, all of which streams over the web on-demand at the IBA’s video mini-site (like most Israeli websites, works best in the Explorer browser).

For the inaugural episode, Zinder and Leibowitz were joined at the news desk by panelists Effi Eitam, a controversial MK from the hawkish religious National Union, and left-of-center David Horovitz, the editor-in-chief of The Jerusalem Post. Eitam remarked on the high levels of motivation among IDF, proclaiming that “The spirit of confidence will prevail amongst the soldiers, and, I might add, amongst the citizens.” Horovitz commented on pragmatic goals for ceasefire arrangements.

In other segments, Hebrew University’s Dr. Robbie Sabel, a former legal adviser to the Foreign Ministry, spoke about the ethical issues of the war, reporter Leah Stern gave over a timeline for how diplomacy breakdown led to the current battles, and a visit to opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s office yielded a predictably “I told you so”-style statement.


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  1. Bernice Wolf on Sun, May 3rd 2009 9:54 PM
  2. I would like to speak to Steve Leibowitz about his experience on the March of the Living. I went on this “experience” in 1993. My experience on the trip seems to be much different from what Steve had this year. I would love to talk to him about it. Please have him call me 052 4343 920 or e-mail me at the above address. I knew his father and was friends with him and Selma. Thank you

  3. ginger smith on Mon, Apr 11th 2011 9:14 PM
  4. really enjoyed friday’s program with carolyn glick

  5. R.M. Kiel on Tue, Aug 16th 2011 8:11 PM
  6. The clip of Glen Beck and henchman, shown this evening, was ugly and stupid.
    As an elderly non-tent-dwelling non-protester, I was offended. Members of Knesset who toady up to Glen Beck are playing with fire.

  7. brian harris on Thu, Jan 31st 2013 5:45 PM
  8. PLEASE PLEASE get rid of this O,sullivan …he can not speak he is driving us ALL crazy. HE needs lessons.
    STOP your guests from banging the table it comes out of our Tv sound as a bomb…isn’t there any one there who listens to your programs in a sound room.
    Also when Eli reads the news you can see the prompter reflecting behind him…..PLEASE GET O’ SULLIVAN OUT AND SEND WITH HIM YOUR inexperienced PRODUCER !!

    I am happy to speak with someone to clean up your act .
    Brian Harris

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