Nostalgia Sunday – On the street where you lived…

July 19, 2009 - 4:00 PM by

Today I visited all the houses where I’ve ever lived in Israel. Almost — I’ll get to that in a minute. Thanks to, which has been photographing the city streets and each and every building in Israel, you too can take a look at your old digs and check up on how badly the place has continued to deteriorate since you yourself lived under its leaky roof.

For example, the apartment building near trendy Sheinkin Streeet in Tel Aviv where I don’t live anymore. Don’t be put off by the disgusting facade. Location is everything.
Ahad Haam 134 Tel Aviv

And then the place in glorious north Tel Aviv, off HaYarkon Park, where I moved to escape trendiness and find parking.
Brandeis 49 Tel Aviv

And the place after that — not a great apartment — but still right on the park.
Kosovsky 32-Bavli 44

I started to get hooked on finding a picture of every place I’d ever lived here. That’s when I found out that Zoomap also has its flaws: this is a picture of the building in front of the Jerusalem building where my family lived in 1973-4. You can see our building peeking out on the left-hand side. Apparently the Zoomap folk were too tuckered out to walk up the hill to take pictures of the cul-de-sac.

But I got back on track with this picture of my grandmother’s old apartment which was Party Central for several years in the early 80s.

I could not find an address for the Hadassah Youth Center on Mt. Scopus and so could not do a search for a picture — another failing of Zoomap is that, like GPS, it doesn’t recognize institutions, only addresses — but I’m pretty sure this is the immigrant absorption center in Dimona where Young Judaea parked us for a few months om 1979. Again, the dowdy appearance is deceiving; the Black Hebrews were also living there at the time, which made it kind of cool.

And this is where I live now! Back to Jerusalem, just up the street from grandma’s old apartment. Life is funny.

Google Earth doesn’t get down to building resolution for Israel so use Zoomap to take a trip down memory lane. Or purchase some real estate. It’s part of Bezeq’s 144 directory assistance site which is now translated into English. Happy trails!


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  1. Susan Keith on Mon, Jul 20th 2009 10:22 PM
  2. I would like to visit Israel one day. How do the people feel about the constant threats from Iran?

  3. Nostalgia Sunday – Modern Tel Aviv | ISRAELITY on Mon, Dec 17th 2012 3:38 PM
  4. [...] As one who actually owns an apartment in one of these Modernist structures, I would like to tell UNESCO a thing or two about the innovative trends of the last century. One one hand, yes, the architecture is outstanding. On the other hand, the materials used to build them never stood a chance against the harsh Mediterranean conditions. But ongoing maintenance is almost impossible under the system of joint ownership in which buildings are run by a tenants committee. By “almost impossible” I mean, if half your neighbors are seriously crazy and the other half are engaged in bitter, long-standing feuds, you will never reach an agreement about fixing anything, and your building will come to look like crap. [...]

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