Nostalgia Sunday – JNF-KKL stamp club

November 29, 2009 - 8:15 PM by

About a week and a half ago, an event took place at the Jewish National Fund House in Tel Aviv that might be termed historic: the revival of the JNF-KKL stamp collectors club.

KKL stamp 5

Most people know that the Jewish National Fund – Keren Kayemet (JNF-KKL) raises funds using the trusty old Blue Box method of coin collection — in addition to Tree Planting Certificates and Soliciting Big Donations. But few today remember that the JNF-KKL also issued and sold stamps which, for a brief period in May 1948, were actually used as postage stamps in the newborn State of Israel.

KKL stamp 7

Here’s what happened the other night, according to Dr. Arie Ben, founder and director of the JNF House museum and educational center. “The [stamp collector] group members, who came from all parts of the country, first visited our museum, which is celebrating 21 years of activity… Attending the gathering was a collector who is a pediatrician by trade, a retired academic from the Weizmann Institute who for years was a plant scientist, and a diplomat from Israel’s foreign service. Another of those present had set up a unique website offering information and collectors items for sale… we were also honored by the presence of a 92-year old collector who showed me a picture of the first meeting of the JNF-KKL collectors club… At the end of the evening, it was decided to revive the legendary ‘JNF-KKL stamp collectors club’, which was first founded in 1937 and held its first gathering in the JNF House meeting room, only days after being founded.”

KKL stamp 6

The stamps hold a special place of honor in JNF-KKL history and the museum has an exhibition of stamps based on Ben’s research into 108 years of the organization’s activity. The JNF House itself, which includes the museum (also known as The Provisional People’s Council & Administration Museum), is a classic example of 20th century Tel Aviv Bauhaus architecture, and is located at 11 Zvi Shapira St., Tel Aviv, walking distance from the Dizengoff Center.

KKL stamp 9

JNF-KKL’s online archive is also a treasure trove for the interested philatelist and include images of artist sketches for the stamps, as well as the stamps themselves. Another great source: the Sol Singer Collection of Philatelic Judaica.


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  1. Rachel on Wed, Dec 2nd 2009 3:10 PM
  2. Nice post about this story in The Stamp Collecting Round-Up, a blog for stamp collectors by philatelist Don Schilling.

  3. Destaques da Mídia – 2009-12-02 | on Thu, Dec 3rd 2009 4:45 AM
  4. Maskil on Thu, Dec 3rd 2009 7:58 PM
  5. I’m firmly of the opinion that the KKL-JNF should revive the issue of these stamps as a fund-raising method, particularly amongst the young.

  6. Ralph Phillips on Thu, Dec 17th 2009 9:38 PM
  7. I was at that meeting in Tel Aviv.
    It was interesting to see that finally collectors of JNF-KKL stamps are getting together again, maybe we’ll even manage to pursuade them to start issuing stamps again. (Who knows, they say that miracles happen in the Holy Land).
    We are going to have another meeting at the same place on 21st January.
    I have recently produced a CD Catalog of JNF-KKL stamps combining the numbering of the two rare catalogs, and it is already on sale.

  8. Maskil on Mon, Dec 28th 2009 4:17 PM
  9. @Ralph Phillips, please publish a link to obtain/purchase the “CD Catalog of JNF-KKL stamps” you mentioned.

  10. Ralph Phillips on Mon, Dec 28th 2009 4:40 PM
  11. The link to purchase the JNF-KKL CD Catalog is my email address.
    It can be purchased from me, via PayPal, for $37 including P&P by
    Registered Mail.

  12. lorenzo on Sun, Jun 13th 2010 12:09 PM
  13. Ralph Phillips,

    how I get Your e-mail adress?

    Thank You

  14. Rachel Neiman on Tue, Jun 15th 2010 8:43 AM
  15. [...] the years, not to mention our coins. I’ve written before about how few people know that the JNF-KKL issued and sold stamps that, for a brief period were actually used as postage stamps in the newborn State of [...]

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