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August 27, 2010 - 10:07 AM by

Tel Aviv. It’s Klone’s city and we’re all just living in it. If graffiti artists are, in fact, masters of all they survey — and tag — then Tel Aviv is ruled by street artist Klone, whose handiwork can be seen almost anywhere you look – or places you usually don’t look: highway barriers, unused billboards and abandoned buildings.

Klone is a recognized member of the world street artist community who has had his work covered by any number of art commentators – the most comprehensive bio I’ve found is by Hagi Kenaan on the Maarav blog. And there’s a nice write up of a 4-man graffiti and street art happening from last summer. He’s participated in group shows in Israel, USA, UK and Europe and Tel Aviv. So Klone is not unknown.

But his work does convey loneliness, isolation and pain. Of it, Klone says, “My work is dealing with memories, my own and the ones I manage to collect in everyday life from surroundings, if its my childhood in USSR or the coming to Israel…”

“…if it’s the layers of the city, walls crumbling apart and graffiti covering and being covered…”

“…people getting old and the new generations appearing every moment, the search is endless. Thus my work of documenting it is still long. I learn a new language that invents itself along my way, I don’t understand its symbolics most of the time and use my skills as a channel to combine all the elements I collect in my everyday into one stream of visuals…

“My work might be on paper, canvas, wood, wall or whatever surface I stumble upon on my way. The story must be told and I hope that one day I will understand it all.”

Klone’s technique often involves creating complex works on tissue-thin paper before venturing outside. The paper is then quickly glued onto the desired surface (as above). His most recent venture was last week — you can see it on Tel Aviv Street Art. More Klones, including artwork done in studio and available for sale, can be viewed on his website.


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