Swinging in Israel

October 10, 2010 - 10:29 AM by

With celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore reportedly in Israel to renew their wedding avows amid marital troubles and tabloid claims of swinging, they might want to take note of this item in the morning paper.

Two different Israeli swingers web sites have apparently been at each other’s throats. Arbitrators have thrown out a petition by the owner of one online Hebrew “swingers” website who accused a competing site of unfairly taking domain names associated with his company and directing visitors exclusively to that site.

The sites in question – swingers.co.il and zigzug.co.il - receive thousands of visits a day from Israelis interested in couple-swapping and other forms of alternative coupling, according to the report in The Jerusalem Post.

The IL-DRP, which handles domain name disputes, was contacted by the owner of swingers.co.il last month in order to transfer the registration of two domain names owned by zigzug.co.il to him.

Until recently, both of the domain names had been registered to the owner of swingers.co.il but had gone back on the market after he failed to renew their registration.

As a result, the owners of Zigzug swooped in and snapped up the two domain names, creating a threesome of URLs leading to the same site.

Arbitrators who reviewed the petition dismissed it, ruling that the term “swingers” is widely used among sites catering to the swingers community and that the term has no “secondary meaning” linking them specifically to the petitioner.

The owner of swingers.co.il had argued in the petition that the name “swingers” was very well known in the couple-swapping community, and that Zigzug, acting in poor faith, had used the names “swinger” and “swingersparty” solely because they so closely resemble “swingers.”

According to the report, in recent years, Israel’s thriving swingers community has grown more and more popular due to the discretion and convenience of the Internet. Online forums have found no shortage of viewers who, in years past, might not have braved the underground private parties and clubs where such activities were for the most part confined.

So, if Kutcher and Moore, who probably chose Israel for their current destination due to their connection with the Tel Aviv Kabbala Center, get the inkling for some action while they’re here, they now know which web sites to turn to.


One Comment on Swinging in Israel

  1. Marvlschecht on Wed, Oct 13th 2010 9:23 PM
  2. Are you kidding me?
    This is what Israel 21C is bragging about- that Israel has a thriving swingers’ scene?
    I doubt that if a Holywood couple was interested they would need to come to Israel for such action. Indeed, the article states they came to renew their committment to each other and maybe partake of something spritual – why would you imply (even if only semi-seriously) that they are interested in swinging? and that Israel is so ‘with it ‘ that it has a thriving swinging scene? (whopee – that’s what we waited 2,000 years for).
    You are showing what I have seen in so many Israelis – the need to ‘prove’ they are more American than Americans, more western than Westerners – even if it’s adapting depraved behavior – if it’s western it must be good, forward looking and with-it. Why can’t you just stick to being proud of Israel’s postive, unique and (oh-my-god) Jewish contributions to society instead of being so star-struck with every shallow trend?
    This is really dissapointing and shameful.

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