Full body racial profiling

November 24, 2010 - 8:37 AM by

No matter who you talk to in the United States, there’s a strong opinion about the security measures at airports recently instituted by Transportation Security Administration agents.

Whether you choose a full body search or a pat down in intimate areas, there’s something for everyone to complain about. And between Saturday Night Live’s spoof and the “Don’t touch my junk” viral video, it’s clear that Americans aren’t going to spread their legs willingly – at least not for security’s sake.

That’s probably why more Americans are looking to the Israeli model of airport security as the way to go. A Washington Post and ABC network poll revealed this week that 70% of Americans support adopting the Israeli profiling system and its implementation in US airports.

As any traveler from Ben-Gurion airport knows, the Israeli security personnel probe without using their hands – by asking lots of questions, and focusing on passengers who pose greater security risks. Yes, we’re talking about Muslims, and any passenger who may appear to be nervous, shifty, or excited.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs explained on Monday that the reason US authorities refused to adopt Israeli methods was because “Israel has one international airport and we have 450 of them that makes all the difference”.

It’s not clear exactly how that makes a difference, but as the clamor will likely continue to grow in the US against body scans and pat downs, the kinder, gentler behavioral profiling that Israel employs is going to start looking more attractive.


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