A butter famine

November 25, 2010 - 10:54 PM by

It’s a butter famine, says one friend of mine. A butter shortage, say the experts. Call it what you will, but it is nearly impossible to find blocks of the yellow stuff in recent weeks. It started with a a dearth of the 200 gram Tnuva blocks, and you could only find 100 gram blocks. Then, last week, the husband came home from the grocery store with imported butter, for double the price. Double the price! From Holland, of course.

Anyway, given that it’s Thanksgiving weekend, we’re cooking turkey and the associated dishes this weekend, and not needing much butter. But still. muffins, eggs, toast — all the usual butter requirements are still out there. I’m starting to ration the stuff. And so, I needed to know why it is that there is no butter.

First off, it’s the worst butter shortage in the country’s history. And the weather is to blame; but not the long summer, rather the long autumn in which the cows have yet to produce their usual surplus that helps produce the 9,000 tons of butter that Israelis generally produce.


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