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If you’re looking for online group bargains afield, that is, outside of Jerusalem and into the more Hebrew-speaking regions of Tel Aviv and the Sharon plain — the northern half of the coastal plain of Israel that stretches from Haifa to the edge of Tel Aviv and includes all the ‘burbs in between — try Baligam. It’s the Israeli/Hebrew-speaking predecessor to Groopbuy, and the name, Ba-li-gam, which means ‘I also want it’, is the essence of online group buying.

It is, of course, the very same concept, in which the site offers great deals on all kinds of products and services, and what makes it work is the volume of customers, all wanting in on the same deal. Baligam differs from Groopbuy in its more innate Israeliness, while Groopbuy is more ‘Anglo,’ or at least in some ways.

Baligam has more deals on Israeli chains, such as clothing store Castro and Home Center, which makes me think that it may just be easier for the Israelis behind Baligam to maneuver the deals with their fellow Sabras than for Groopbuy Anglo entrepreneur and recent immigrant David Shadpour “who turned his frustration at being unable to bargain and haggle in local stores due to language restrictions into a business idea.”

Whatever. Doesn’t really matter. The point is, if you live in Jerusalem and are looking for Sharon-centric deals, look no further than Baligam for those things that you just can’t find in J’lem. But you’ll have to do it in Hebrew.


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