Foto Friday – Bread of Affliction… and Refrigeration

April 15, 2011 - 6:38 PM by

Some years ago, Israelis took a liking to an Italian bread known as ciabatta. Since then, the local version of these small, elongated loaves has — like a lump of out of control sourdough — morphed into something so wildly different from the original that visiting Italians barely recognize that which most Israelis today call a “jepata” or, worse yet and more embarrassingly, “Geppetto” (pictured left).

What you can’t see in the picture is that this particular jepeta is gluten-free and therefore — aside from being a godsend for sufferers of Celiac and other wheat-sensitive conditions — is kosher for Passover (at least for pulse-eaters) and will be widely available in your local Super-Sol (a.k.a. Shufer Sal) this coming Passover holiday.

The image is quite different from how most people envision Passover in Israel. While news archives are filled with pictures of bakers of handmade shmura matza like these fellows from

In fact, most Israelis will eat matza that looks like this, hot off the press at Matzot Aviv

Manufactured in automated factories like Jerusalem’s Yehuda Matzos where, from the mixing to the baking to the packing, they are almost untouched by human hands…

According to a Ynet/Gesher poll from last year, 69% of Israelis said they observed Passover dietary laws forbidding the consumption of leavening and leavened bread. The remainder have been stocking their freezers with a week’s worth of the following…

But why not just eschew the carbs for a week and go with the unleavened flow? Matzot Aviv certainly has, as the producer of what they say is the world’s biggest matza

Aviv is also producer of an industrial video that just about defines the terms “wacky” and “zany”. Between the yucks, you can learn a few fun facts. For example, did you know that the average machine-produced matza is 18 cm by 18 cm? No? Well, now you do.


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