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July 20, 2011 - 5:14 AM by

What’s the Israel-related news in today’s New York Post? The goon-hired kidnapping, beating and handcuffing of a Jerusalem rabbi’s son who has refused to grant his wife a ‘get,’ a religious divorce, making her into an ‘aguna.’

Orchestrated by a New Jersey rabbi and his wife, the couple lured Yisrael Briskman to their home to discuss work on the rabbi’s book research, but got him into their bedroom where two goons punched, blindfolded and handcuffed Briskman. They repeatedly asked him to consent to his wife’s divorce and then called his father in Israel, telling him to fork over $100,000 to the daughter-in-law’s family, or they would receive a “special gift” of a bullet in Rabbi Briskman’s head.

They then dropped Briskman — the son — at a cousin’s home, told him not to squeal to the cops, and ended up surrendering to the FBI.

A confusing story to be sure, although their motives — getting Briskman, who has been denying his wife a divorce for years, and has been on the run for some time from the Israeli authorities — are sort of understandable, given the grief he has caused his ex-wife.

And from my perspective, seeing this front page of the Post while wandering through the NYC subway system? Bizarre and not what you want to be seeing about fellow Americans who have made aliyah. But is anything surprising any longer?


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