Foto Friday – Meet the High-Rises

July 29, 2011 - 9:00 AM by

The headlines this week are all about the housing crisis. Initially, the protest against high rents and purchase prices started in Tel Aviv but by the end of the week had spread to country’s the north, south and east. The “Tent City” protesters have talked a lot about the luxury apartments that the municipalities, and by extension, the government, favor. But given that a picture is worth at least 500 words (adjusting for inflation), here are a few of the outstanding projects that really stick in the average non-homeowner’s craw.

Akirov Towers. Most prominent resident: Minister of Defense and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

The Ramat Gan Diamond Bourse, which was first to define the TLV-RG urban skyline.

To the south: the Neve Zedek Tower casting its long luxe lifetyle shadow over quaint and trendy Neve Tzedek, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Tel Aviv. To the North: The Yoo Towers, designed by the master, Philippe Starck.

The rest of the country is not free of this luxury high-rise scourge. Worse yet, the farther out you get from the center, the funnier the names get. Meet Haifa’s Sail Tower and Netanya’s Sea Opera.

And Jerusalem’s Holyland, the project that launched a thousand corruption lawsuits!


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