Leo DiCaprio sees gold in Israeli startup

November 6, 2011 - 8:59 AM by

Leo DiCaprio may have ended his long-term relationship with Israeli super model Bar Raphaeli, but it seems like his relationship with Israel is still going strong.

The A-list actor recently participated in a $4 million first-round funding for an Israeli visual media platform start-up company – Mobli Ltd. – and is also acting in an advisory capacity for the company, hi-tech insider newsletters reported last week.

Mobli has invented a new photo-sharing application that allows users to share images in real time.

So, for example, at a concert or sporting event, users can receive images of the event from different angles simply by searching for photos taken in other parts of the venue.

According to TechCrunch, users can connect to Mobli with Facebook to bring in a social element to the application and share photos with friends.

For example, concert-goers, celebrity fans, wedding attendees, and families can all share pictures and videos of an occasion, experience or interest with like-minded communities. All pictures/videos are geotagged (and can be optionally tagged to a Foursquare venue) to further narrow collections.

The app offers 22 free filters. Mobli uniquely applies filters on a visual basis but also in relation to location, so users can frame photos taken in a sports stadium in team colors, or taken at a conference with branded filters. Clearly, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to work with Mobli to sponsor filters.

According to the Blonde2.0 blog, “Think of Mobli as a visual engine that enables you to do a 360 around the world and see who’s doing what, where and when. People could be sitting in a café in Paris, watching a show in London, eating at a restaurant in New York, and Mobli brings all these visuals together to enable us all to see what a beautiful world we live in.”

Mobli was founded just over a year ago, and along with its headquarters in Israel, has offices in New York. According to the company, Paris Hilton and David Arquette number among the service’s other famous users, and they says 10,000 people are signing up every day.

DiCaprio’s interest in Mobil isn’t just about which angles make him look better on screen, evidently.

“It’s about him knowing and understanding branding and marketing,” Mobil CEO and co-founder Moshiko Hogeg told VentureBeat. Hogeg is pictured on the company’s website along with a dozen other young, hip-looking Israeli employees. It’s likely their enthusiasm, spark and ingenuity is what attracted DiCaprio to see the Israeli startup light.


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