Foto Friday – Israel in 3D

December 16, 2011 - 8:05 PM by

We’ve written before about 19th century stereoscopic images of the Holy Land. The 20th century version was the ViewMaster (more on that another day) and the anaglyph, popularly known as 3D vision.

Anaglyph images provide a stereoscopic effect when viewed through glasses with two different colored lenses. The technology is enjoying a 21st century comeback due to Photoshop and other programs that allow people to easily create anaglyph images and post them online. So, get your red and cyan spectacles on! It’s time to view the sights and sounds of the Holy Land in three dimensions!

Israel - 3D - Anaglyph

Israel - Tel Aviv - 3D - Anaglyph

Israel - Tel Aviv - 3D - Anaglyph

There’s been a resurgence in anaglyph movies as well. Production company Highlight Films provides a range of services to facilitate and manage TV, film and video productions, including researchers, production fixers, camera crews, HD cameras and equipment, location scouting, personnel and, of course, 3D film and video. Enjoy.

3D HD landscapes of Israel

3D Dead Sea 7 Wonders

3D Jerusalem


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