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April 6, 2012 - 11:00 AM by

Photo by Assaf PinchukIt’s the morning of Erev Pessach, Passover eve, and the country is in its final involuntary shopping, cooking and cleaning spasm. This evening, a blessed quiet will fall over Israel and for a few moments, all will be clean, orderly and in place.

That sense of balance, of everything being as it should be — dare I say it, of seder — is present in these images by commercial photographer Assaf Pinchuk, who specializes in architectural and industrial subjects. In his work, Pinchuk gives us a glimpse of the Israel we aspire to be. Even the unruly building blocks and winding streets of an old Tel Aviv neighborhood fall into place…

A office building lobby becomes a composition of light, shadow, contrasting colors and structural elements…
Photo by Assaf Pinchuk

The city’s famously dynamic night life is omnipresent in the saturated green of a rest room…

A Tel Aviv rooftop apartment glows against a darkening sky…
Photo by Assaf Pinchuk

In daylight, through the windowshades, the harsh Mediterranean sun paints white walls with shadow…
Photo by Assaf Pinchuk

As always, the best days end with sunset on the Tel Aviv beach.
Photo by Assaf Pinchuk

Assaf Pinchuk studied photography at Hadassah College, Jerusalem, after which he interned and worked with Cologne-based photographer Hans-Georg Esch. Together with wife and business partner Miri, Pinchuk opened his own studio in 1998, with the goal of producing unique, dynamic, smart and inspiring images for a client list that includes some of Israel’s leading companies and institutions.


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