Israel: Where Security Companies Reign

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Israel and the US may be to blame for the latest Flame virus that attacked Iranian computers, but the same people who have the minds to build those nasty viruses and malware also have the power to protect you.

While I purposefully buy Apple laptops to stay outside the virus attack cat and mouse game, it is probably just a matter of time until cyber attackers start launching their programming vengeance on Mac OS systems too –– especially since iPhone and Apple tablet sales are astronomical. Millions of people are using them, making them a more likely target for attack.

There will always be those big anti-virus companies out there to protect you –– one of them is none other than an Israeli brainchild: Check Point developed the modern firewall (see my feature on the icons of Israeli high tech here), but they also deliver a powerful range of cyber security solutions for businesses, banks and even the civilian computer user.

Worried about viruses like the Flame infecting you one day?

Besides the basic solutions provided by your internet service provider, or ones that come packaged with a new computer which are annoying slow to load there are other Israeli-made tools that can help you stay one step ahead of attackers. Check Point delivers the disk encryption software that the Alertsec company uses. It can help Israelis stay one step ahead of the game from the threats outside of Israel and those online threats – like credit card fraud – that come from within.

Virus attacks on infrastructure systems can be particularly worrying. These kinds of modern warfare attacks can cause dams to shut down, power plants to stop working or defence systems to malfunction.

What’s a person, company or country to do?

Keeping your businesses, homes, and emails safe, this feature on security companies in Israel might help the worry warts among us sleep a little better.

And why does Israel focus on security? That’s a no brainer, says Israel Levy from ControlGuard in the article above: “That is like me asking you why there are so many umbrella manufacturers in the UK. We need security here like you need umbrellas in the UK,” he says to the British reporter interviewing him.

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  1. security companies ireland on Mon, Jul 2nd 2012 2:56 PM
  2. Yeah it is completely true that latest tools and solutions are available these days to deal with every kind of virus attacks. These tools are allowing us to keep ourselves ahead of these attacks and viruses. Number of security companies is also increasing in a very rapid way to help people throughout the world and these are allowing the computer users to make their systems more secured. There are a lot of things that are required to be done while dealing with these attacks and these can be done by the person owning the systems itself. These things include disconnecting and isolating, cleaning up, restoring, restarting, scanning for viruses, restoring data, and trying to prevent from future attacks as well.

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