Nostalgia Sunday – Images from Israel October ’73

September 23, 2012 - 6:00 AM by

Recently, I was gifted with a book, “Israel October ’73 Yom Kippur War”. And when I “gifted” I mean that someone was getting rid of a pile of books, I saw it and, grabbing it by its tattered cover, yelped, “You have to give this to me, I can write a Nostalgia posting about it!”

The book was published for distribution in the US by Masad (a company defunct for so long there is not even a trace of it in the Israel Corporations Authority’s online database). Because it’s an interesting snapshot of that time — and with all credit to writer/editors E. Ben Hanan, A. Bar-Amon and I. Taslit, photographers N. Gutman, S. Ben Yakir, A.S. Golan, Z. Zur, S. Cohen-Zedek, Z. Sherf and S. Levidon and graphic designers A. Frank and T. Carmon — we present a few scanned pages from the book.

The Attack on Two Fronts (click on image for larger).

Early Days (click on image for larger).

Bomb drops near Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan on visit to West Bank (click on image for larger).

The Home Front (click on image for larger).

Negotiating the Cease-Fire with Egypt (click on image for larger).

Coming Home (click on image for larger).


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