Nostalgia Sunday – As Always Hadassah

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Over the past decade, Israel21c has written dozens of articles about Israeli advancements in healthcare and medical research. A hefty percentage of these mention the word “Hadassah” because, in fact, Hadassah — the hospital and the organization that funds it — are all but synonymous with healthcare and medical research in Israel.

Hadassah’s Centennial Convention opens tomorrow in Jerusalem — a nice moment to make note of a few of the Women’s Organization’s many accomplishments and contributions that have benefited healthcare not only in Israel but around the world as well.

Hadassah medical ‘firsts’ include the first double bypass surgery in Israel (1964), the first successful bone marrow transplant in Israel (1977), first “Test Tube” baby in Israel (1983), first successful heart transplant in Israel (1986), first successful liver transplant in Israel (1991) and the first successful lung transplant in Israel.

In the new millennium, Hadassah’s medical success went global, conducting the first computer-guided hip replacement in the world (2004), the first successful freezing of ovaries before chemotherapy treatment (2007) and the first successful pregnancy using ova genetically tested prior to implantation (2008).

Hadassah was also responsible for opening the first ambulatory surgery center in Israel (1986), Israel’s first trauma unit (1991) and has pioneered many other innovative and unique medical treatments. In 2005, Hadassah was nominated for the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize for its ongoing initiatives to use medicine as a bridge to peace.

A list of highlights is available online, as is a fascinating timeline of the history of Hadassah. Below, we present a few movies from the Hadassah vault — they serve to illustrate the organization’s long-standing commitment to healthcare in Israel, the Middle East and the world.

As Always Hadassah (from The Spielberg Jewish Film Archive)

A Lifeline for Israel – The Hadassah Medical Organization, 1913-1967

Hadassah: In The Midst of Crisis 1967

Hadassah & Israel: A Partnership of Distinction

Hadassah: A Day to Remember

Hadassah: How the Future Was Built


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    [...] main focus in planning the mid-October Centennial Convention was to show delegates many of the medical and humanitarian projects that helped win Hadassah a 2005 [...]

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