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Israel Revealed to the Eye is a marvelous and massive photo project taken on by Yad Ben Zvi that will attempt, as much as possible, to be the nation’s family photo album.

Israel Revealed to the Eye is a communal initiative with the purpose of recording, saving, and preserving the photos that document the state and the country, its residents and its history.

This is being done through a project aimed at visual documentation through preservation of photos in private albums.

The project, which began during the centennial celebrations in 2009 of the founding of Tel Aviv, was expanded in 2011 to cover the towns of Kiryat Shemona, Rosh Ha’ayin, Sderot and Yeruham with more cities to be added.

The photos are collected in local documentation centers with backup files in central archival institutions and networks.

Dr. Nirit Shalev-Khalifa, the Ben Zvi Institute’s coordinator of the photo project states, “Treasures of the past are found in every home: in photo albums, documents, and mementos. Every person living in Israel is partner to the development and history of the state. His or her private photo album reflects the different types of life present in Israeli society and its diverse social communities: in development towns, agricultural settlements, new residential settlements, and in the cities.”

The photos are available for research, study, exhibitions, outdoor cultural and artistic events, and publications, and are available to the general public both at Yad Ben Zvi and online.

Visit the Israel Revealed to the Eye website to see more family and community photos from Hanukkah celebrations in years gone by. If you have photos to share, contact the archivists at:

And of course, visit their Facebook page — you can post photos there as well!


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