Happy Hannukah from Jerusalem

December 11, 2012 - 3:51 PM by

It’s raining, it’s cold. Perfect weather in fact for Hannukah. There’s nothing like a cold, rainy night to make you enjoy the pleasures of lighting a few candles at home and eating all sorts of food that you know is bursting with calories.

We had friends over last night and on top of the rain, and the cold, we also had a power cut. When the lights eventually came back on, they came in a strange kind of half powered glow, which rose and fell in intensity through the evening before sputtering out once more.
We lit candles all over the house, and I have to say it was one of the most romantic Hannukah eve’s I’ve had.

Anyway, to give you a taste of Hannukah in Israel ISRAEL21c sent out videographer Elahn Zetlin to capture the atmosphere on the first night of the holiday in Jerusalem. I love the mother wiping her daughter’s face at the end of the video. My boys usually just use their sleeves.

Oh, and I can’t do a posting on Hannukah without adding our video from last year on soufganiyot – donuts have never been so sophisticated. This year’s flavors – black forest, tiramasu, and what looks like marshmallow, were added to the list.

Happy holidays from everyone at ISRAEL21c.


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