On-line petition to bring Springsteen to Israel

December 19, 2012 - 10:49 AM by

Bruce Springsteen holding up young Israeli fan Monty Oppenheim last year. (Courtesy Oppenheim family)

It’s inevitable by now. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band announce an extensive summer tour of Europe. They go to England, Scandinavia, Portugal – for two months of rock & roll – but they never come to Israel.

The last time, I wrote a naively impassioned open letter to the Boss detailing why a show at Hayarkon Park was imperative. It didn’t do any good. But as dates for Springsteen’s 2013 summer tour of the continent begin filling up, another effort is under way to prompt him to follow in the footsteps of U2, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Guns & Roses, and countless other world superstars who have brought their shows to our humble but very welcoming neighborhood.

Young Jerusalem resident Monty Oppenheim attended Springsteen’s Gillette Stadium show outside of Boston last summer with his father, James, a longtime fan. Through a series of circumstances, they ended up near the stage and when Springsteen, as he customarily does, grabbed someone from the audience for a singalong onstage, he chose Monty.

Monty wants a repeat performance, so he’s launched an online petition on Facebook to call on Springsteen to add Tel Aviv to his summer itinerary.

Whether it’s always been a matter of logistics, finances and scheduling, or whether something more sinister is at work about why Springsteen’s never been able to get her (I hope that’s not the case), now is the time for Springsteen fans in Israel to make their voices heard.

There may not be any tours after this one, even though the Boss and the band are performing stronger than ever. So help Monty – and the rest of us Springsteen fans – realize our dreams of hearing ‘The Promised Land’ in the promised land.


2 Comments on On-line petition to bring Springsteen to Israel

  1. Amir Amozig on Sun, Dec 23rd 2012 7:49 AM
  2. Israeli fans Bruce have longed to see you for so many years. Please make it happen with a show in Israel.

  3. Laura on Thu, Dec 27th 2012 6:36 PM
  4. Springsteen is not your friend. He is not a friend of the Jewish state, but a radical anti-American leftist.If he hates America, you can be sure he hates Israel. That you have to beg him to come to Israel means he has never considered going because he is participating in the boycott. Get some self respect and stop begging enemies to accept you.

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