Is “Ayaloning” the new meme?

January 9, 2013 - 2:39 PM by

Graupel is a word meaning “soft hail or snow pellets” and it is graupelling right now here in Jerusalem. Or maybe its sleeting, with a chance of snow flurries later in the day. I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that climate change has brought us Israelis to the point where we, like the Sami people of the Arctic, now need 180 words for all the different kinds of wet stuff that comes down from the sky.

But this slushy downpour is only a chapter in the ongoing saga of a violent rainstorm that has amused, bemused and occupied our collective attention since the beginning of this week. The shut-ins among us have put their talents to good use — including Israelity contributor Benji Lovitt who came up with Twitter hashtag #Geshempocalypse and Israellycool’s Brian of London with the now trending #shelegeddon — with some creating humorous images of the overflowing Ayalon riverbed. As with the Bibi-bombing and Bibi-bomb memes of 2012, they’re going viral. So let’s do our part in pushing them along!

Most popular, perhaps, is this submarine patrolling the Ayalon by Dima Shapira…

Although the engineering students at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev swam waaay upstream to get jump on them with the “Hydro-Camel” underwater vehicle…

Here’s the new submersible Egged bus…

Which would likely end up at the Tel Aviv Submarine Docking Station.

Rony Ve Oren Balbus envisions Tel Aviv’s lifeguards being called in from the beach for highway duty…

While Facebook group Religious Coercion – Time to Stop It also riffs on a beach-related issue with its take on gender separate swimming lanes: one for men, one for women.

And no large body of water would be complete without a visit from the elusive Nessie, (thanks to the creative energies of Ran Hertz).

Rain-related Tel Aviv municipal topics ranged from Tal Shoham’s idea for kayaks to supplement the Tel-o-fun rental bikes

To a poster from the Social Justice movement declaring that “We’ve had it up to here” with Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai (the pun works better in Hebrew).

Our own Brian Blum was apparently not the only one to experience troubles with Waze. 100Meme did too…

Trending now is this Titanic takeoff that reads “You and your shopping… this is the last time I go with you to Modi’in”.

And if you’re not clear on the reference, check out this amazing video of the crazy flood-waters as the broke into the Modi’in mall’s SuperPharm branch. (I particularly like the smiling woman standing on a stool amidst the frenzied all-hands-on-deck mayhem).


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