Snow day in Jerusalem

January 10, 2013 - 5:28 PM by

snow jerusIt doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, we know how to make the best of it. I’m talking about snow in Jerusalem.

The capitol received around a foot of heavy, sticky snow over night Wednesday, and Thursday morning, it looked like a white paradise. All of the major roads leading into the city (from Tel Aviv and Modi’in) were closed, but the internal roads were pretty clear. So at around 8:30 am, my son and I drove in from our desert town outside Jerusalem, and being just about the only ones on the road, easily made our way to Sacher Park, near the entrance to the city.

There we joined a couple hundred other hearty souls in sliding, throwing snowballs and building snowmen. It was a blast seeing how much native Israelis – who rarely or of ever have had the pleasure of snow fun – took so joyously to it.

And judging from the photos of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu with his family and of President Shimon Peres, they also found the time to share in the true novelty of playing with snow in Jerusalem.

bibi snow

snow peres

The gorgeous envelope around the holy city began to melt mid day, and by Thursday evening was heading on the way out. But as far as diversions go, the once-a-decade Jerusalem snowstorm is one that can’t be beat.


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