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The revolution may not be televised but Israeli elections 2013 were definitely Instagrammed. Whereas four years ago, election coverage was still the province of professionals, this year the most creative coverage was taking place behind the light blue partition before the smorgasbord of little paper chits imprinted with big black letters that is our voting system.

The polls opened. Civilians and soldiers lined up (perhaps the only time one sees an orderly queue in Israel)…


Google Israel celebrated the day with a special Google Doodle of a behind-the-scenes look at a polling station, although in fact the secret ballot process with its bright blue envelopes ensures that what happens behind the partition, stays behind the partition… (That’s diplomat #DavidSaranga putting in his vote).


Unless, of course, you decide to take a photo and share your decision with the world! Embellished with special effects, of course.


Election day was declared a national holiday. The weather was beautifully balmy and there was a sense of excitement in the air because after voting, everyone headed for the beach, the park, the nature reserves and of course the mall. Given the spirit of the day, its no wonder that dogs on their morning constitutional figured prominently as voting booth companions…


Although I’m at a loss as to what Mister Potato Head was doing there.


Some voters took advantage of the privacy, the electoral alphabet soup laid out before them and their camera-phones to make statements. The one on the right reads: “We’ll only get d**ick here”. On the left, a Zen-like tribute to the word “poh”, which means “here”. (It was also the chit for the Yesh Atid party).


In fact, Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party — initially criticized and now widely praised for its intensive use of Facebook to get the vote out — also made the best use of Instagram with a personal Yair Lapid photostream. Other politicians were photographed but didn’t post in their own names.


Along with hashtags in Hebrew (most popular), photos were posted under the English-language hashtags #israelelections, #israelelections2013, #israelielections, #israelielections2013, #israelvotes and #israelvotes2013 — where at present there is only one photo but it’s one that has GOT to be seen.

Polls showed that a large percentage of voters were undecided until the last minute — perfectly exemplified by the photo on the right (courtesy of #hananirapoport of Jerusalem Capital Studios) as it turns between Likud-Beitenu’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Hatnua’s Tsipi Livni. At 10:00 PM, the polls closed with the highest voter turnout in years (excluding the Arab sector, where turnout was at a historic low). The results showed that we are not indecisive… we’re just decisive on two fronts.


Here’s to the next round of elections. For the sake of our national stability and sanity, may they only happen in another four years! And Happy Tu b’Shvat!

Photo credits: #stateofisrael, #davidsaranga, #yairlapid, #hananirapoport, #yarondeja, #shar1z, #hadassb, #oferws, #naftali85, #johnny252, #galamit


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  1. hanani on Fri, Jan 25th 2013 3:34 PM
  2. Defenetaly Instaagrammed Elections! What does it say on us the voters ?!

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