Developed in Jerusalem, Abe’s Market Gets An Organic Boost of a Few Millions

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Abe's market logo organic food shopping onlineWhat’s an organic food shopper to do if they live in a remote location, and God-forbid miles away from the next Whole Foods store? A relatively new online eco and organic food store called Abe’s Market can answer the need. Conceived by two new immigrants to Israel from America, Abe’s Market is developed in Jerusalem and officially based in Chicago, USA. Their partners’ products are shipped from their warehouse or from the partners’ HQ directly.

What’s extra cool about this new online venture is that investors are also backing the idea that there is a growing and important niche market for Internet-delivered products, even ones that are from Israel (in this niche the company sells Dead Sea products and more). The company just got a $5 million investment, Globes reports, in order to increase its marketing and sales channels.

Like a Whole Foods grocery store, Etsy, and eBay store all rolled in one, Abe’s Market carries its own products, yet allows retailers and cottage industry sellers to register and sell their products through the site. Carrying everything from non-perishable food items to soaps, pet food and eco products, Abe’s beats the organic online stores by far given its range of products and its ability to let customers find products close to home. This is especially important for those following the 100-Mile Diet. They also offer a special section of the “latest” where shoppers can find the newest trendy products.

Abe’s co-founder Jon Polin says that the name is after his pharmacist grandfather: and “about combining the best things that Grandpa Abe represented – health and wellness, mom and pop, reliability, trust, honesty, community and personal connection between business owners and customers.”

When the business model of online shopping was thought to be dead, it looks like Abe’s is restoring some hope to the business. There are indeed a maze of online sites from which to buy products but as the powerhouse sites like eBay and Amazon acquire more products, it becomes a job sifting through the crap to get to the good stuff. Same is true with using classified sites like Craig’s List. With so much spam on the site, people in America are viewing and posting ads at other micro-location USA classifieds sites to make sure an advert gets to the right eyeballs quickly. The key to a good sale, I think, is going back to the mom and pop days.

Like the big box shops have learned by selling wholesale junk with no soul, as more and more online retail sites try to collate as much traffic and products as possible, it looks like users will be going back to the mom and pop shops like Abe’s Market to get a better experience. And for that investors and shoppers are looking to invest in a new kind of business model.

Great news on the investment Abe’s!

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  1. Vanessa on Wed, Jan 30th 2013 8:26 PM
  2. Do they serve their country of “origin” too?
    (we need this kind of things as well)

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