Foto Friday

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Hey There!

It’s ALMOST Passover and it’s most DEFINITELY Spring!

And we here at Israelity are celebrating both with a little help from our blogging neighbor Elms in the Yard. Elms usually blogs cat-related photos. Don’t these make for a nice change-up?

Happy Friday and a lovely weekend to all…Your friends @ Israelity.

Huffington Israel

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Raymond Leon Roker, Los Angeles based publisher of URB Magazine , describes himself as the son of a “lapsed Jewish mother”. Accordingly, curiosity and cultural ties drove him to visit Israel. Roker blogged it on The Huffington Post under the sticky heading: “Broken Promise Land: What I Saw in Israel”.

A share:

The media would have you convinced that Israel, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank are free-fire zones, where rock-throwing kids are de rigueur and suicide belts are bought in corner stores like soda. The images I had as an American were that every inch of the nation was under constant siege. Anybody who’s lived there or visited will tell you otherwise. Despite the consistent and morbid televised reporting, Israel is a community where you best assume that you know very little and let the people inform you. On my week-long trip, I found beautiful, smiling Palestinian kids, and welcoming ultra-orthodox Jews. From my Arab cabbie I rode with on the way to the airport, to the 60-year-old Turkish-Israeli fisherman who had visited, of all places, Tarzana, California — I found people eager to share their vision of the country and its ongoing attempts at grace. Throughout my trip, I met Israeli civil and human rights organizers, who, against the predominant conservative slant of the country, push forward progressive and social agendas aimed at uplifting and protecting the rights of Arab citizens. This isn’t the side of society that makes for good media coverage and most Israelis are probably unaware of this burgeoning social justice ecosystem. Israelis don’t speak from one playbook — many held more progressive views than I expected to hear given the daily and all-too-realities of living in that part of the world.

Head to Roker’s column for the rest. There’s controversy but we’re used to that, aren’t we?

Dressed to Kill

Our favorite funny man Benji has a column in Atlanta’s Jewish Lifestyle Magazine Julep & this time around he’s giving tips on dressing like an Israeli.

With the warm weather quickly approaching, here’s a quick idiot’s guide to dressing like an Israeli male:

* Step 1: Shave head.
* Step 2: Grow four days’ worth of scruff. Not three. Not five. Israeli men possess the talent of always appearing as if they just returned from their six-month post-army tiyul (hike) in India. Man, they’re hot.
* Step 3: Put on at least one of the following articles of clothing:
o Baggy Thai fisherman’s pants (never, ever shorts) or tight European jeans.
o Flip-flops.
o T-shirt with English words that are inappropriate, make no sense or are sexually suggestive. (Seriously, people here are obsessed with English and put on articles of clothing with complete cluelessness about what they say. I saw a Russian grandmother wearing a shirt that said “Pimping Ain’t Easy.” Well, not with a walker it ain’t, grandma! These are your golden years! Take a load off!)
* Step 4: Dressed? Great — I’ll see you at the beach. Or office.

Thanks, BL. Head to Julep or Benji’s website for more…

I Scream, You Scream…

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Who doesn’t like ice cream?

But when somebody mentions they’re gonna go into experimental lock-down mode in the kitchen so as to concoct a Ben & Jerry’s style “throw everything in that isn’t nailed down” haroset flavor, my eyebrow lifts in consternation.

Adloyada bought an ice cream maker last year. And she has been workin’ it. Now…

On the second night, I’m going to G’s family Seder. They’re going to have a meat meal. So if I want to make them some charoses ice cream to add to their meal, what can I make it with? The soya cream I usually use for parev ice cream won’t do for Pesach, as it’s not kosher-for-Pesach for us Ashkenazis. Ah…but how about coconut milk? Or even coconut cream? I’ve been inspired by looking at this site of a US based luxury coconut ice cream maker. The problem, though, is that in England you can’t get kosher-le-Pesach coconut milk.

No, I’m not going to let that defeat me. I’m going to work on a dummy run … using ordinary coconut milk. Once I get that right, I shall make my own coconut cream from real coconuts. And Google‘s found me a convincing looking recipe on how to do that without gouging myself to bits trying to get the coconut flesh out of its shell. S and P are coming round for Erev Shabbos dinner, so I’ll have the most discerning taste testers you can get.

Dying for that recipe? Head to Adloyada’s site….Royal Taster! Get ye to the Galley!

Holiday Fashion

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Get your matzoh groove thang on with this hipster pair of Passover boxer shorts.

Mmmm mmmm good.

Straight offa Yo Yenta blog, circa 2005

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