Israel Air Force – 60 Minutes

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Just in case you missed Sunday night’s broadcast… This is the 1st time I’ve ever seen such close foreign press access.

Tks, Israel Matzav

Marking 60 with 60

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As we head into next week’s 60th anniversary celebrations, the country’s a-buzz with prepping including not a few strolls down memory lane recounting historical moments and days of glory.

Hebrew daily Maariv has been running a “Six Decades in Six Weeks” lead up to Independence Day, listing top events of each ten-year period.

The most recent, the 90′s, includes these events in Israel’s history:

- The Gulf War - Scud missile attacks began raining on Israel from Iraq coinciding with the U.S. invasion. 39 missiles landed in Israel’s central region within a month and a half.

- Operation Solomon – Continuation of Operation Moses in the 80′s: 14,000 Ethiopian Jews were airlifted to Israel in a secret mission within a single day. It’s the country’s largest ever mass migration to date.

- Menachem Begin Dies – 9 years after exiting the political spotlight for a reclusive lifestyle, the former prime minister and Nobel Peace Prize recipient died at age 79.

- Madonna and Michael Jackson in Concert – Both top-of-their-game pop stars at the time, M & M performed one-time Israel concerts within weeks of each other.

Feeling the Pain

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We here in the Promised Land are also feeling the pain of soaring grain prices.

According to Hebrew press reports, flour & cooking oil prices went up by 25%, pasta increased by 12.5%, chocolate by 10% and rice went up a whopping 60-80% (!!!) in Israel.


And it’s all being fueled by rising oil prices, say industry analysts, who also predict prices to continue elevating for years.

Time to get kickin’ big time on the alternative fuel trail…

Ahh….the magic of a global economy.

Facebook Crackdown

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It was bound to happen. Social networking is zooming at light speed and with it comes the 1st of its kind Israeli army crackdown:

Blogger Forecast Highs reports that an Israeli soldier serving in an upper level army intelligence unit within the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) was sentenced to 19 days in prison for uploading images to Facebook.

The IDF would not comment on the exact nature of the photograph, but said the punishment was in proportion to the committed offense. Military sources said an IDF directive prohibits photography on bases without official approval.

The sources said the soldier in question would be punished for taking pictures on a military base without permission.

The IDF’s field intelligence unit classifies photographs depicting advanced weapons, weapons storage, training with weapons, the interior of bases as well as their external layout, declaring the name and number unit a soldier is serving in, especially relating to sensitive units, and much more as “classified material.”

Go here for the details…

Poetry 2.0

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Chivalry in Israel may be dead, but poetry isn’t.

To prove it, social network guru Jeff Pulver has posted this video of Gil Rimon reciting “Poetry 2.0″ at the recent Kinnernet 2008 expo…

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