IDF soldier saves Palestinian baby

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IDF Corporal Levin baby Jude

Here’s a bit of heartwarming news from the West Bank, an area which has recently experienced only grief with the brutal murder of five members of the Fogel family last week in the settlement of Itamar.

At the same time that IDF Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz was paying a shiva call to the Fogels at another settlement of Neve Tzuf, a taxi carrying a 20-year-old Palestinian woman in an advanced stage of labor arrived at the gate of the community.

According to Ynet, army paramedic Cpl. Haim Levin, reached the scene followed by civilian paramedics, and discovered the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby girl’s neck.

“When I arrived I saw a woman covered by a blanket in a yellow Palestinian van,” he said. “I moved closer and saw the baby’s head and upper body. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck, and the baby was gray and did not move.”

Levin assisted by other paramedics immediately cut the cord, and he then pinched the baby, who started crying. Both the mother and baby were reported to be fine.

Ynet reported that Palestinians from the nearby village of Nabi Salah gathered around the paramedics and thanked them, adding that the baby had been named Jude.

“I volunteered for Magen David Adom since age 15 and it’s the first time I witnessed childbirth,” said Levin. “It was an amazing feeling, to hold the girl that was just born in my arms, and to know that in this complex place we did something good.”

Gadi Amitun, who heads the Magen David Adom team at Neve Tzuf, told Ynet that they often help Palestinians in distress.

“They know we have a skilled medical team here, and in any case of accident or injury they arrive and we help them,” he said.

Ambulance driver Orly Shlomo who helped cut the cord said she had mixed feelings about the incident.

“It was touching, but I couldn’t help but think that a few meters from there, people were sitting Shiva for another baby, who was murdered,” she said. “I was touched to see the face of the new baby, but I also thought about the face of the murdered baby.”

Death and life in the West Bank only days apart and under very different circumstances. Just as the terror attack last week made it difficult to think there’s any possibility of peace, the birth this week made some people realize that there’s no alternative.

Life at the zoo

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GorillaI miss being lazy. I yearn for the days of sitting around doing nothing on Friday and Saturday. Catching up on TV, lounging around, eating leisurely meals, etc. However, those days are over and will only be available again about 20 years down the line or so. It was a bit easier when my daughter was younger and napping twice a day. That was a guaranteed 4 hours I had to chill. These days she’s napping once a day for only an hour and a half. When she’s awake she is a high octane ball of energy and she gets bored around the house pretty easily despite the dozens of toys. With this in mind we recently purchased a membership to the Ramat Gan safari/zoo. We’ve been going pretty much every weekend for the two months and the reasonable cost for yearly membership has already paid for itself. A good, sound investment, and only 20 minutes away. She already knows her way around. She know the “elephen” is to the left and the “monkey” is to the right. She doesn’t care much for the birds. But said “woah” when a giraffe almost licked her. Her favorite animal is still the “beebras” (zebras). Its amazing how much she retains from the few hours we spent at the zoo. Just yesterday, five days after we visited she jumped on my wife’s back and said “tzofie baby monkey.” She now requests “baby monkey” every five minutes. I love this kid.

Some kind of varmint

Elephants in Ramat Gan


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