Summer in the city

It's even empty on Jaffa Road...

There’s a lot going on around us right now. There’s a sense of despair about what is happening down south (a friend posted that now when one orders a coffee at a Beersheva cafe, the check is brought with the coffee in case you have to duck and run from a rocket), how Egypt is reacting, what will our reaction be and what does it all mean? It’s creeping up here as well, with a terrorist scare last night in Jerusalem, as Brian posted, and concern about everyone down south.

And on another front, it’s the end of August, which means juggling childcare and work, dealing with the August heat, and heading on vacation for others. But the best part about the end of the Israeli summer, is that thousands of Israelis are away. They’re traveling abroad — more than 35% of Israelis travel abroad during the two-month summer, according to the Tourism Ministry — thousands are up north, and many are still down south, where hotels are still full, thanks to the Red Sea Jazz Festival and the Israeli tendency for life to go on.

That means that around here, the place is empty. There’s no traffic, not on streets, roads or major highways (at least in the center). The bank? Empty this morning, even at 9:30 am when you usually have to wait half an hour to speak to someone. No one in the supermarket, or the post office, either. Sure, head to the vacation-y places in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, such as the zoo, the Chutzot Hayotzer Crafts Festival, the recently christened light rail, the beach or the Tel Aviv port, and you’ll find plenty of people milling around.

But in the environs of home and the local ‘hood, everything is fairly peaceful and quiet. It’s almost like being on vacation.


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