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December 12, 2010 - 10:35 PM by · 1 Comment
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You heard it from David, winter has arrived, albeit with a raging sandstorm in Jerusalem, although my sister in the mercaz, the country’s center, says it’s been pouring all day long.

So while I’m keeping my windows closed to keep out the sand, the Gush Dan folks are celebrating water and those in the Golan Heights are hoping for snow. And that’s good news for surfers and skiers. As I learned while reporting a surfing story a few weeks ago, it’s wintertime surfing that’s the best in Israel, when the waves are higher during and following heavy rainstorms. Fall and winter swells can reach from six to 10 feet, which is the time for the more experienced Israeli surfers to hit the waves.

If you want to check it out for yourself, head to the Topsea surfing website, which has webcams stationed at the best beaches. This is the link to the cam at Maravi or Western Beach, which is Tel Aviv’s southernmost beach, situated between Tel Aviv and Jaffa.

If you’re hoping for snow, you’re in luck, as the Hermon received 10 centimeters of snow and is expecting to open the site later this week. That’s early for our little ski mountain, but it’s a good omen considering that the ski season doesn’t usually happen until January or even February.

Here’s to some solid water or snow schussing in our futures.


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