Israel’s 60th & the Mets

May 27, 2008 - 3:00 PM by · 1 Comment
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Wanna celebrate Israel’s 60th Birthday AND get your baseball fix?

JCRC, the Mets and Shea Stadium are hosting a special “Israel night” May 29 – pre-game Israeli music and dancing, Glatt Kosher food, commemorative pins.

Check it here.

Play ball.

Farmer creates crop graffiti for Israel’s 60th

May 26, 2008 - 1:14 PM by · Leave a Comment
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We all have our own unique ways of celebrating Israel’s 60th anniversary. At our house we hung up an Israeli flag that we got free inside a newspaper.

Peter Viner went a little further, however.

field art.jpg

The farmer, from Beit Sh’ean, decided to inscribe a huge message “Israel at 60″ on a 17-acre piece of his land, using five different types of grain.

Apparently, no-one’s ever done this kind of stuff before. Well, apart from aliens who have been decorating our fields with rather attractive mathematical patterns for some years now.

Art experts are calling this new form of art, Crop Graffiti.

Actually I just made that up.

Anyway, this isn’t Peter’s first foray into the world of art. He’s an old hand at turning his fields into canvases and has done about 25 of these works, starting in 1994 after the peace treaty with Jordan. Then he wrote the word ‘peace’ in Hebrew, English and Arabic.

For Peter this is all philosophical stuff. “I am a man of the land and deeply connected to this country. The field is my canvas, and my tools are the paintbrush,” he told the guys at Ynet.

You can see Peter’s sign for the next few months, until it’s harvest time no doubt.

Wonder what he’s planning to do if Israel signs a peace treaty with Syria?
Ehh, no-one believes that’s going to happen anytime soon.


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