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Basta Collection by Liran Shemesh (also available on Etsy)

Sometimes I love my city. It’s Design Week in Jerusalem, courtesy of The Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jerusalem Center of Design, and there are all kinds of funky events going on this week, having to do with design. And given that this is a city with many creative types, there’s what to be seen.

From the exhibit at the Hansen hospital

Turns out it’s the second year that the city has hosted this event, which includes a conference, an exhibit in the Hansen complex (locally known as the leper colony in J’lem, see the link) and events and what to see in the recently inaugurated ‘Designers in the City’, a wonderful studio cum cafe complex on Bezalel Street downtown that has more than a dozen cubicle-like studios for budding and established artists. They all work there together, plying their arts, including ceramics, jewelry, clothing, metalworks, Judaica, and passersby can come in, look around, purchase and stop to have a beer or coffee in the inviting cafe corner at the front. (There’s happy hour every evening, from 6-10.)

Many, but not all of the artists are recent or somewhat recent Bezalel graduates, which is fitting, given the location of the gallery on Bezalel, which is next to one of the school’s buildings downtown.

It’s really all about the redevelopment of downtown Jerusalem, which is important. Let’s keep these artist types here, them and their partners and kids, and make Jerusalem a living, breathing city.

For more information about Design Week events, which run through Friday, go to their website (see above).
Otherwise you can always support Jerusalem design at Designers in the City:
7 Bezalel Street
Sun., Mon., Wed., Thurs.: 10-2, 4-7
Tues., Fri.: 10-2


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