That’s no taxi driver, that’s my wife!

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If you’ve ever been in a taxi with a cigarette chomping, deodorant-challenged male taxi driver hammering his Neanderthal opinions into your ear, the news can only come as a breath of fresh air.

Retired Israeli teacher Orli Levi is behind a new business initiative – the country’s first exclusively woman driver taxi service.

The Yad Mordechai resident told Haaretz that her company Monita (a play on the Hebrew word for taxi with a feminine ending) has 30 drivers across the country serving hundreds of loyal customers, including religious women and employees of women’s organizations.

She added that the women passengers feel safer with a woman driver, both in their own personal sphere and due to the fact that statistically women are involved in less traffic accidents.

The story quoted a customer – Oshrat Kelermann – who uses the service for herself and for her 12-year-old daughter and described the atmosphere in their taxi service “more pleasant and less aggressive… I’m not willing for my daughter come home late with drivers I don’t trust, and being an hysterical mother, Monita took a lot of pressure of me.”

Monita is currently hoping to gain enough business to open their own taxi stand in Tel Aviv, and Levi said that not all the customers are women – men sometimes also prefer the more gentle driving touch of a woman. With jokes about woman drivers a universal standard, it’s refreshing to hear about some of them getting behind the wheel and doing something about it.


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