Foto Friday – The Israel Photography Exhibition

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Neve_Tzedek_Train_Station_rerfurb_1POV, a retrospective of new works by Israel’s leading photographers/curators took place this past week at Tel Aviv’s newest landmark, the refurbished old train station structure in Neve Tzedek (pictured left). For those who missed the show (and that includes your humble scribe), POV has provided video portfolios for the group, as well as individual photographers. A portion of these works are presented in this Foto Friday column, with more to follow. Enjoy! And for those who can’t wait, visit the POV website and YouTube channel.

Show Portfolio

Moshe Shay

Yuval Tebol

David Perlov

Foto Friday – Marco Jona’s Sun & Moon

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Jerusalem-based Marco Jona is a professional photographer with a passion for nature, and a particular fascination with the heavenly bodies.

His series, entitled “The Sun and The Moon”, is a work in progress that is being created over time…


…sunrise by sunrise…


…lunar eclipse…


… by solar eclipse


…and sunset by sunset.


More of Jona’s work is on view at his website –

Foto Friday – Butterflies

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Gideon Pisanty is a biologist from Israel with an interest in botany, evolution, ecology, genetics, and conservation biology. He is also a prolific photographer of Israel’s flora and its fauna as well. Pisanty is a steady contributor of lepidiotric images to Wikipedia — just search Wikimedia Commons for “Israel” “butterflies” and you’ll see what I mean — along with a few other enthusiasts. Before butterfly season ends (it began a few weeks ago before the high heat of summer) here are a few images to enjoy.

Archon apollinus bellargus – Photo by Gideon Pisanty

Gonepteryx cleopatra taurica – Photo by Gideon Pisanty

Melitaea phoebe (mating*) – Photo by Gideon Pisanty

Apharitis cilissa – Photo by Gideon Pisanty

Apharitis acamas acamas – Photo by Gideon Pisanty

There are plenty more photos at Wikimedia. To learn more about the local Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths to you and me), visit the Israeli Lepidopterists Society homepage. Or read this book: Lepidoptera in Israel; it was very well-reviewed. Or go out for a hike – the butterflies are all around.

*Yes, they are having sex.

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