Egyptian Revolution Blues

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Sandy Cash

Israel always seems to be the odd man out when looking at world events on a geo-political level. Take, for example, the revolution in Egypt.

Almost all the free world is ecstatic over the downfall of President Hosni Mubarak an his decade-long dictatorship which was full of fear and repression. The sights of Egyptians protesting in Tahrir Square conjured up well-deserved images of freedom fighters through the ages and warmed the cockles of all liberty-loving people.

Leave it to Israel to douse the historic turn of events with some sober, some would call it paranoid, observations on where the revolution is headed – to a progressive democracy or a dark, Islamic-led repressive society.

While utterances of those sorts by the prime minister or opinion pieces by pundits may just add fuel to the ammunition of those who see Israel as supporting a cruel regime as opposed to supporting the downtrodden, veteran Israeli folk/country singer Sandy Cash came up with a more subtle way of raising the reservations some Israelis have of the events in Egypt.

A long-time participant of American-style folk festivals and hootenanies in Israel, Cash decided to write and record a song and video – “Eyptian Revolution Blues.” Even if you disagree with her premise and conclusions, I bet that you’ll have to laugh anyway. It’s a brilliant distillation in music, lyrics and images of the last two weeks of turmoil as seen through the rose-tinted glasses of those who, in Cash’s words, “think the unrest in Cairo is all about Power to the People (not to mention Peace, Love and Yellow Sunshine).”

Those that disagree with Cash’s thesis should have the good humor to guffaw throughout, those that see eye to eye with her will discover a new rallying point for their views and those that aren’t sure may be running for the dictionary function on their keyboard to decipher the world “Caliphate.”

Whatever the outcome, it’s worth the next three minutes of your time.

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